Mummbles Marketing is a new and pioneering marketing company, which is located in Harrisburg, PA. Mummbles Marketing is known for building unique “one-off” vehicles that are seen around the country.

Our goal is to present new and innovating ideas to the import scene. The close-knit ties we have with the industry, provides many marketing opportunities. In every opportunity, we strive to build a solid relationship with both our clients and manufactures. This is accomplished by meeting and listening to our client’s needs and then presenting them with our ideas and what our connecting manufactures can provide for them. The end result would be the high profile showcase vehicles. However, besides the designing of the demo vehicles, our services will go one step further by assisting our manufactures on how to market their car and promote the product.

Another element we are able to offer is the ability to reach out through the media. Our company has built relations with magazines such as 12Volt News, B-Scene, Car Audio, Dial D, HCI, Import Tuner, Low Rider, Mobile Entertainment, Performance Auto and Sound, Redline UK, Street Trenz, and Super Street. Another type of media Mummbles Marketing has to offer would be electronic media exposure. We have worked with ESPN, Spike TV (Nopi TV), and the Speed Channel (Meguiar’s Car Crazy).

With combining all of these element Mummbles Marketing will be able to accomplish an explosive marketing package in that we will be able promote the products through the use of logo’s, media, & electronic media recognition. This exposure will promote added (full) marketing power across the US and connect the manufactures and clients. With this type of exposure Mummbles Marketing will provide maximum marketing values.